Step #2 ~ Select the wood or acrylic for your handle
(Click on image for details & enlargement)

Exotic & domestic hardwoods - color shades may vary slightly from the photo
birdseye maple teardrop   bocote elliptical   cardinalwood torch   natural cherry bottle
Birdseye Maple   Bocote   Cardinalwood   Cherry
cocobolo teardrop   curly maple lantern   East Indian Rosewood - Lantern   Honduras rosewood large egg
Cocobolo   Curly Maple   East Indian Rosewood   Honduras Rosewood
mahogany egg   oak specialty baton   padauk egg   purpleheart silhouette
Mahogany   Oak   Padauk   Purpleheart
walnut specialty   oak-like polished birch large egg        
Walnut   Polished Oak        

Acrylic handles for fiberglass and graphite shafts - $10 extra. Color patterns may vary slightly from the photo.

Sunshine Acrylic
(shown in silhouette)

  Cobalt Acrylic
(shown in large egg)
  Ruby Acrylic
(shown in teardrop)
  More to come soon!
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