We offer 3 types of baton cases for your needs.

white protective case#1 Every baton we sell comes in a white protective case sized to your baton at no additional charge.

#2 Presentation Deskcases
(Wood shades can vary in hue and intensity)

walnut deskcase for 1 baton
Makes an elegant and impressive gift

  • Handcrafted from solid walnut with black liners.

  • Fits batons up to 16" overall.

  • For one baton - $169.95
    For two batons - $179.95

  • Many of our customers purchase an engraved brass plate to personalize the deskcase.
    (You can find these at your local jeweler, trophy shop or "Things Remembered" store.

#3 Cloth Carrying Case

Cloth baton case
  • Will hold up to 5 batons of varying lengths. (up to 16.5" in overall length)

  • Zippered opening with slots to hold shorter batons close at hand.

  • Tough black canvas with hidden steel rods along the sides for protection.

  • Utility pocket on the front.

  • Price - $39.95
cloth case open