Dr. Ching-Chun Lai

Thank you, SUNY - Potsdam.
We look forward to handcrafting your batons!

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  • All batons have white wooden shafts and are $41.95.

  • Lengths are overall (including the handle in the measurement).

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3. Ordering deadline is Wednesday, September 18.

  • Shipping is FREE for orders placed on or before September 18, and your baton will be shipped to your professor.

  • Teardrop available in 13", 14" and 15" overall
       (Cardinalwood - Bocote - East Indian Rosewood)

    Your Name:

    Egg (handles slightly less than .75" x 2")
       Available in 13" overall lengths
       (Cardinalwood - Bocote - East Indian Rosewood)

    Medium Egg (handles approx. .75" x 2.25")
       Available in 14" overall length
       (Cardinalwood - Bocote - East Indian Rosewood

    Egg Medium Egg
    Your Name:

    Large egg (handles .75" to .85 x 2.25")
       Available in 15" overall
       (Cardinalwood - Bocote - East Indian Rosewood)

    Large Egg
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    Elliptical (handles .6" x 2.25")
       Available in 13", 14" and 15" overall
       (Cardinalwood - Bocote - East Indian Rosewood)

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