Nebula Acrylic

Since all our batons are individually handcrafted, we take much care to achieve excellent balance.

Your baton will be balanced at the junction of the handle and the shaft, unless you tell us otherwise.



Shaft Types...
(Our baton prices are based upon the type of shaft we use.)

~ Wooden shafted batons - ($41.95)

  • Available in white enamel and natural oil finishes
  • 3/16" shaft width
  • Traditional feel that is light in weight.

~ Fiberglass shafted batons - ($59.95 - add $10 for acrylic handle)

  • Our toughest shaft
  • White all the way through
  • Slightly heavier than wooden shafts
  • 5/32" shaft width

~ Solid Graphite shafted batons- ($68.95 - add $10 for acrylic handle)

  • Durable shaft - very stiff at longer lengths
  • Black composite material coated with white enamel
  • Comparable in weight to wooden shafted batons
  • Available in 5/32" and 1/8" widths

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